The 814th and The 99th
Guardians of the following Operational Units
Westover AFB (SAC)

Lineage of the 814th in PDF format [here]
Lineage of the 99th SPS in PDF format [here]
99th SPS Outstanding Unit Award. In PDF format [here]

Cloth Patch of the 8th Air Force

Headquarters 8th Air Force Intelligence.
More Information on the 8th AF can be found Here

57th Air Division Emblem

57th Air Division. More Information on the 57th AD can be found Here

99th Bomb Wing Heavy

99th Bomb Wing Heavy. More Information on the 99th can be found Here

346 Bomb Squadron

The 346th Bomb Squadron: 1956 - 1966.

347 Bomb Squadron

The 347th Bomb Squadron: 1956 - 1961.

348 Bomb Squadron

The 348th Bomb Squadron: 1956 - 1968.

4050th Air Refueling Wing April 1, 1955 to Novemner 16, 1962 and 499th Air Refueling Wing: November 16, 1962 to June 25, 1966

4050th Air Refueling Wing: April 1, 1955 to January 1, 1963.
More Information on the 4050th Here
499th Air Refueling Wing: January 1, 1963 to June 25, 1966.
More Information on the 499th Here

99 Air Refueling Squadron

99th Air Refueling Squadron.
More Information on the 99th ARS can be found Here

384 Air Refueling Squadron

384th Air Refueling Squadron.
More Information on the 384th ARS can be found Here

Air Defense Command

Air Defense Command Fighter Interceptor Squadrons: 18 Aug 1955 to 1963

337th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

337th Fighter Interceptor Squadron: 18 Aug 1955 to 8 Jul 1960

Flew the F-86 D and F-86 L at Westover
Transitioned to the 104 Star Fighter in April of 1958.
Deactivated 8 July 1960. * 337th FIS Emblem provided curtesy of Stan Lukasiewicz.

337th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

76th Fighter Interceptor Squadron: 1960 - 1963.

Flew the F-102 Delta Dagger. Deactivated in 1963
More Information on the 76th FIS can be found Here

Additional Operational Units

More Information on the 8th Reconnaissance Squadron can be found [Here]
A June 1969 Floor PLan of the facility can be found [Here]

Additional Operational Responsibilities

Nuclear Weapon Escort
Escort of Nuclear Weapons to and from Stony Brook AFS And The Westover Flight Line.
Detailed Information Here

SAC Assumes Responsibility For Stony Brook AFS
And The 814th Sets Up Shop
Detailed Information Here

The 814th and "The Notch"
SAC's 8th AF Alternate Command Bunker
Detailed Information Here