Memories From Westover

Submitted By WT (Tom) Fitch.

I reported to the 814th at Westover in Nov 1961. I flew into Bradley Field, Hartford, CT from the warm climes of Okinawa and a week at home in Hawaii. When I landed, there were remnants of a recent snowfall and it was colder than I could have imagined.

My first month with the 814th included Thanksgiving and with the approach of Christmas, I was invited by one of my flight members to accompany him to his home in Pennsylvania because we had our three days off during that period. I remember that his name was Harris (I think his first name was Bob. It has been a lot of years ago and my mind is lacking its recall).

In any event, that Christmas was my first in New England - and it was a beautiful WHITE CHRISTMAS

After our watch ended, we drove for most of the night and arrived at his parents home in the early morning. I recall his home was an older, two story farm house on a number of acres. Across the highway, his parents had a diner that they operated in the summer; they had a couple of horses and some additional live stock.

The hospitality of the family was beyond description. They were genuinely warm, loving and hospitable. His parents were lovely people and made me feel like a member of the family from our first meeting.

I will always be indebted to Airman Harris and his family for that welcoming to the New England region. I am sorry that I failed to maintain contact with Harris and his family. They are truly etched into my memory with fond remembrance and love.

If Harris is still among us and reads this tale, I want him to know how much that Christmas means to me and to say THANK YOU for the love you shared.

WT (Tom) FITCH Member of the 814th 1961-1963.

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