early issue air police badge Google Fly Over Shot of Westover AFB early issue air police badge

This  underground bunker, was built in 1956 as a regional control center by the Strategic Air Command (SAC).
Photo taken by and provided through the courtesy of Andrew Biscoe.
Photo taken in 2005

The Notch

The "Notch" is a question. While we do have historical records indicating that the 814th did provide security for several on base ultra sensitive activities, we are lacking the needed paper documents to state categorically that the 814th was present in name and body at the "Notch."

When the 8th Air Force moved to Westover and the base became the command headquarters for the 8th, SAC ordered the construction of what would become not only the alternate communications center for the 8th but additionally it was the backup for SAC headquarters located at Offutt. The underground bunker known as "The Notch" (because of its location) was capable of providing life support for 300 Air Force personnel for a period of 30 days in the event of a nuclear first strike against the US. We do have written communication from one of our members who held a security position at the Notch and his performance evaluations are signed by the commanding Officer of the 814th. What we do not have is the documentation stating that the 814th was charged with the responsibility of securing the Notch (officially known as the 8th Air Force Combat Operations Center). If anyone has specific information on this issue please contact me here.

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